Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where'd she go?

Well, that was a nice break, wasn't it?  What on earth happened to me, you ask?    First, of all, I gradually quit eating quite so healthily.  And, being the all or nothing gal that I am, I really has a hard time with that.  Of course, life got busy, etc., blah, blah, blah and next thing you know, it's been a decade later (or at least it felt like that long...)

I realized that I need to give myself permission to expand the ol' blog in scope so that I don't feel like I have nothing to write about if I am not totally pristine in my eating.

I also realized that I am not totally cracked over the name of the ol' blog.  If you would like to help me tweak that, feel free!

So, in between coughing fits, here I am.  (The flu bug has been in our house for over 2 weeks now)  Yesterday, I found myself craving vegetables so I whipped up a two egg omelet with about 1/4 cup monterey jack cheese, and a lightly sauteed 3/4 cup mixture of yellow bell pepper, sweet onion, broccoli, fresh basil and tomato.  It was so good - being sick has brought a lovely weight loss of several pounds - since I haven't eat very much lately, my body was craving the good stuff!

What movie was it where one of the main characters crowed she was "just a stomach flu away" from her goal weight?

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  1. How about something related to "health" because that could be physical, spiritual, emotional, etc. Journey to Health, or something like that. But, it might make you seem too "unhealthy". Hmm... I'm not the creative one for this kind of stuff (sadly).

    glad to have the lemonade out of lemons of at least some weight loss after the flu.

    I love a good omelette! one of my faves is to grate zucchini and mix it in with the egg. Well, usually I sautee it a minute with some chopped sweet onion and then add beaten egg on top. Scramble or make into omelette. Another secret to eggs is that I can add about 1 tsp of grated parmesan and get the same flavor as a whole handful of shredded cheese. So, I tend to fill the eggs with mega-veggies (if not zuc then sauteed spinach and onion or even broccoli and grape tomatoes cut in half, you get the idea) and then scramble them (too heavy to flip like a real omelette) and then top with parm. Cover with lid for a minute for parm to melt on top of egg. LOVE it!!! I do that about once a week for lunch.